Instituto Planeta Água de Pesquisas Ambientais e Educacionais - IPAPAE

Estrada do Coco - BA 099 - Km 31,5 , S/N, Condomínio Planeta Água
Loteamento Vale da Landirana , Barra do Jacuípe , Camaçari, Bahia , CEP 42800-000.


Public Utility in the State of Bahia

Diário Oficial do Estado 12/05/2005

Law nº 9321 – 11/01/2005

President : Guilherme Arantes

Arnaldo Pereira
Wagner Pinho Cavalcanti
Tiago da Cunha Arantes

Social Act:

Art 4º. IPAPAE has as purpose to support and develop actions for the
defense, raising and sustenance of life quality for the human being and the environment, through professional, special and environmental education activities, and also to support the sustainable development, and the environmental conservation.

Strategic localization and resilient actuation

O IPAPAE is an entity objectively engaged in time and space, being in the right place in the right time. Nested in the intersection of two “APAs”
(Environmental Protection Areas) of the Capivara River and Guarajuba Lakes, allied with other entities and Associations of these “APAs”, through its Management Council, the IPAPAE, in its tem years of activities, has participated of the conservation of the Natural Patrimony, in benefit of the interests of native population of a threatened region, endangered by urbanization and degradation.

Barra do Jacuípe (City of Camaçari), at the North Shore of Salvador metropolitan region , in Bahia, has a considerable eco-tourism potential e and a great ecological value, is characterized by the fast realstate expansion. This process leads the native population, deprived of oportunities and worthy life conditions, to the disputed jobs offered by a confused and aggressive development, as the building of luxury houses and resorts, very often in conflict with environmental acceptable pratices.

Activities already accomplished

- Environmental Education Module ( Eco-Citizen Project) together with Federal Environment State Dept.
- Handicrafts Courses
- Capoeira
- Literacy Classes
- Mangrove permanent replanting
- “Restinga” forests permanent replanting
- Headquarters of the Manager Council of the APAs Capivara River and Guarajuba Lakes
- Agroecology Course